About Me

Hello I’m Romella, a Reiki Master-Teacher for over 16 years and a love of all things woo woo, spiritual and energy related!

“Space for Spirit”  is a space where you can find out more about working with your intuition, natural energies & laws (moons, planets, law of attraction etc.) and your spiritual team (angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit guides and Guardian Angels. To learn about themes from crystals to essential oils to unicorns!

I share much of this information in the Women’s Circles that I run – both in Shropshire and online.

My aim is to bring a tribe together of like-minded Goddesses to lift our vibration and connections, share in a sacred online space. Discover new areas of connection to Source, the universe and everything! (I’m not convinced the answer is 42!)

Come and join me –

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Want to know more about the Women’s Circle visit – http://romella.co.uk/register/womens-circle-spiritual-journey/