Are you giving out Good Vibration? Or in a bit of a slump?

Are you in a vibration flump? Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Negative thoughts creeping in? Feeling your vibration drop when around negative people? Got stuff going on but want to up your vibration?

The Law of Attraction says that every thought we have is matched by a corresponding thought at the same vibration. So if we are having positive thoughts, more positive thoughts will follow. If we are having a negative thought or worry then we follow that low level with more negative thoughts.

When we have negative thoughts we can spiral downwards, losing our positive mindset and dropping into a lower vibration. Being with certain other people can also cause this – you know those conversations you have or catch ups with friends that then leave you drained?

I share more about being in balance and emotions,  sharing information by Abraham-Hicks about our emotions in this blog – here (coming soon)

If you’re trying to work with the Law of Attraction, looking to build on your spiritual connection or  looking for a happier way of life then keeping your vibration high is key. Here are my favourite top 7 tips for getting back into a higher vibration

  1. Meditation – meditation is a great way to up your vibration, focusing on breathing or following a guided visualisation can really help clear your mind, create space for the “issue” to be released. Having a moment to stop, focus on breathing or carry out a chakra cleaning exercise is a perfect way to reset your vibration. Here is a chakra cleansing meditation – here 
  2. Gratitude – Start either a written gratitude diary or a practice of saying gratitude each day.  You can be grateful for anything – from a cup of tea, to a walk in park, sunshine on your face, a coffee, cake & catch-up, a cuddle with your child, time to read a book. Anything and everything in your life that fulfills you and gives you pleasure is something to be grateful for. It doesn’t have to be rainbows, parties and diamonds! Make a point of sharing your gratitude – Today I’m grateful for the sun coming out and my washing drying on the line”, “I’m glad we spent time at the park as a family away from work”, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet up with my friend”. Writing them down in a journal is a great way to build this practice – try and have 3 simple sentences of gratitude . The universe hears you and again matches your vibration
  3. Essential Oils – I love using essential oils to increase my vibration by boosting my mood, bringing me into balance. I like to diffuse the oils so the therapeutic aroma goes into my limbic system and boosts my emotional state.  I also apply them topically to my wrist and pulse points. My favourite oils are:
    1. Lavender – to bring calm to a busy mind
    2. Frankincense – great to increase your vibration and very useful for meditation or spiritual practices
    3. Wild Orange – I have this in my diffuser all the time to lift the mood of myself and the kids
    4. Ylang Ylang – to relax my mind and body and also boost my passion when I want to focus on something
  4. Healing Session – If you are attuned to Reiki or another healing modality then schedule some time EVERY DAY  to experience some self-healing and rejuvenation. If not then you can still benefit. Allow yourself 5 minutes to sit with your hands on your abdomen, breathing in and out of the heart. allow positive energy to flow wherever its needed. Doing this in meditation is a perfect link.
  5. Use Oracle Cards – When I feel my energy lowering its usually because I have something on my mind – a question or issue. So reaching for my favourite oracle cards is a great way to connect into my higher self, my intuition and my angelic support team. So often the answers I need are within those cards, a gentle message of support or a release or an action to take or resolve.  Just a simple “you are loved” is enough to uplift the energies
  6. Clearing & Letting Go – Looking after our energies is vital, so often we can feel drained due to situations or other people. A simple cord cutting exercise every day or whenever needed can really help – 
  7. Read a high-vibrational book or article – I love books anyway, but I do have favourite go-to books when I need a lift – Esther Hicks & Abraham (Ask & It is Given, Money & Law of Attraction and The Vortex), plus anything by Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray (Raise Your Vibration). Or search for your favourite spiritual author on youtube t o watch a video by them. I’d avoid facebook as you’ll get sucked into a whole different vortex!

Other tools that may appeal to you are – mindfulness exercises, colouring in, creative projects, dance and movement, laughter. Anything that shifts your energy in a physical, emotional or spiritual way is going to  lift your vibration.

What do you do to lift your mood and vibration? Come and share on my facebook page –

If you are interested in working on your connection, your spiritual  journey then you may be interested in my Spiritual Awakening course coming soon