Are you subscribed to You?

One thing I’ve noticed with the craziness of the GDPR and subscribing and unsubscribing is how I am realising what connection is.

The question has triggered one for me – “Are you subscribed to you?”. I know you are you, but sometimes we don’t live by our values, our beliefs and follow our intuition. How does that statement feel to you?

Are you in alignment with your values, your dreams? Do you listen to your intuition? When you don’t do you notice and recall the sensation/warning lights?

Are you living your life in a subscribed way – actioning things for you and your own joy, or fulfilling an expected role that others (or even part of you) has allocated to you?

Just think for a minute, Close your eyes and connect to your heart space or your solar plexus (just below ribs). What do you feel? Ask yourself “Am I connected and subscribed to myself or am I scrolling through without engaging?”.

What can you do in your daily life to really subscribe into  your life? It might be more meditation, or joining a circle of likeminded women (I run one ;-)) or more craft, more reading, less tv, more self-care…. Spend some time thinking or even journalling on this – then put it into action!

There is no point making a list of ways you can subscribe into your life if all it is, is a list – you need to take action! Then choose one thing TODAY that you can do to bring you joy and connect into your body and mind. Come and share in the facebook group (

This month in the Women’s Circle we’re looking at Goddess energy – this is just connection to the inner spark that it you – we are all Goddesses as we hold the female energy. I’ve shared a video from the card reading yesterday as I think it explains it really well

If you are interested in joining the Women’s circle I’m offering a free 3 card reading for anyone who joins in May and June – email me for the link.

Also on the facebook page I’m doing free Goddess readings ( so simply find the post and tag your name in!

If you have any questions then please do email me or come and ask in the Facebook Page