Do you have a Beautiful Notebook and think about Journalling…. but never using it?!

Do you have a beautiful notebook and thinking about journalling, but never use it?…..Then this mini-course is for you!

Do you have a beautiful notebook and thoughts of journalling but never do it?
Book too beautiful, not sure where to start or what if you have to cross something out?
This mini-course is for you! I too was that person with a multitude of notebooks and wanting to journal…. but never starting!
This mini-course is a series of 15 videos (plus bonus of “what does your name mean” and numerology PDFs) to get you writing in your journal.
From making your first marks to positive language to emotions to channelled writing from your angelic guides this mini-course talks you through all your journalling options – making it fun and not a daily chore!
Journalling is a wonderful way to lift your vibration and write about your spiritual development journey.