Do you want to be Calm? Cleared? Rejuvenated? Connected? Reiki is for you!

I first came upon Reiki over 16 years ago when my maternal and husband’s grandmother both passed in the space of a few days.  My mother suggested Reiki could help and it was one of the many greatest gifts she gave me.

It gave me a way to release, to clear, to refill my cup and to connect. Connection both to the true me and also to them.

It was the start of my spiritual and holistic journey.

What can Reiki Support?

I have shared Reiki with women who have used it on themselves to overcome debilitating anxiety, endless panic attacks, to clear energies to aid sleep, to clear/release earlier trauma and more.

I personally use it to bring calm to me and my family, to help sleep, to support children’s ailments and to relieve stress and depression.

I’ve yet to find a symptom that doesn’t feel support from Reiki! If in doubt – try some Reiki!

What is Reiki?

Reiki means universal light energy. It is the flow of energy from the universe to the receiver.

Reiki energy flows through the practitioner, who has been attuned to channel the universal energy. It does not come from them – they are not the “healer”, but the conduit. Think of the practitioner as being the cable – “source or universal energy” is the power coming through the cable to the make the light (the receiver) bright and glow.

What happens in a Reiki Session?

Normally you will lie on a therapy couch, fully clothed, head on a pillow and covered by a blanket. You need do nothing but be open to the experience and allow all to happen for your highest good. Know that you are in safe hands with the practitioner (you would not have drawn yourself to them if they were not right for you).

You will be asked to lie on your back and close your eyes. A calming visualisation is a perfect way to start the session. Hands are placed over the eyes to help you relax and slow down your physical senses, allowing the quieter inner voice or intuition to be heard.

The Reiki practitioner usually places their hands in the key chakra positions on the front and the back of the body, including the feet. Alternatively they will place their hands where drawn on the body.

Reiki will travel wherever it is needed, regardless of where the hands are placed. If your left toe needs it and hands are on your eyes, it will travel to the toes! Additional work may be carried out by Reiki guides or your Angelic Tribe. A session will usually last just 45-50 minutes and sleep is not unusual during the session!

With Reiki you can trust that all that happens is perfect for you. Stored emotions, physical ailments, spiritual connections or stories will only be released at a time when you are ready to cope and accept their release. So  you can be assured that nothing will come up that you are not fully able to cope with.

A good Reiki practitioner will be able to share tools that you can use to support your own healing journey – but it is you who are the healer and not the practitioner!

Ready for your Journey?

Experiencing Reiki from a qualified and experienced Reiki Master-Teacher can be a wonderous thing.

Giving you space to process, release, clear and refill your energy on all levels.

I have been a practicing Reiki Master-Teacher for nearly 15 years, and often combine other holistic therapies into the session if they are right for the client (aromatherapy, meditation..) and offer advice and tools for after care.

You can book your session for £45 using this link. Please note spaces are limited and will not be available from 20th July – 4th September.

You can book a distance healing session (so don’t have to be in Newport!). This is also available in the holidays. We will set a time when I connect to your energy for the session and work remotely – very effective!

Want to learn More?

I advise many of my clients to actually become attuned to Reiki themselves. This is very empowering as you then have a tool that you can use for yourself, as any time and means you are not reliant on another person (although advice and support is always available from me!).

I offer Reiki 1 at a price of £99 for this reason – the cost of just over 2 sessions. Making it highly affordable and one of the most practical tools for you and your family to possess.

With Reiki 1 you will be able to support yourself, your family and close friends. Plus pets, plants, energise food and more!

I run Reiki training mornings each month. Next dates are:

Monday 16th July

Thursday 6th September

Both are in Newport, Shropshire and run from 10am – 1pm. You also have access to videos and meditations to support your journey and access to ask any questions directly to me.

Not local? I offer an online version and will do an attunement through zoom (everything is energy so location doesn’t matter!) – Contact me to discuss!

To book simply pay £99 here and advise which date works best for you: