Mercury Retrograde March 22nd for 3 weeks

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been in the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde and the Retrograde commences March 22nd in the UK and runs until 14th April. Then we have 2 weeks of post-shadow of the Retrograde.

Don’t let other people’s moans about Mercury Retrograde make you lose 6 months of the year!


What is a Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is closer to the Sun than Earth and so therefore passes earth about 3x in a year. There is a time when it looks like Earth has overtaken Mercury and this is what we call a “Retrograde – as it looks like its going backwards in relation to Earth).

Why do people moan when it’s Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury affects communications and electronics so when it goes retrograde it can often play havoc in these areas for the unprepared! Some of the reasons are:

  • Laptops, phones stop working or crash. Files refuse to open
  • People misunderstand your emails or notes
  • Travel plans can be disrupted
  • Headaches, migraines and dizzyness

Things to do Before a Mercury Retrograde

  • Back up your laptop or IT and phone (photos, contacts etc)
  • Research new product purchases
  • Upgrade software
  • Get car serviced

During a Mercury Retrograde

  • Double check any travel plans
  • Ensure your mobile is fully charged and backed up
  • Get a positive mindset in case your travel arrangements change or get delayed
  • Double check any important emails that you may need send – so they are unclear and can not be emotionally or otherwise misunderstood
  • Do some cord cutting around people, events or actions that are coming up
  • Be open and flexible in travel and responses/actions from other people

How does Mercury Retrograde affect you?

The two weeks prior to Mercury going retrograde people may start feeling off kilter or the earth energies changing. In this period of the pre-shadow we start to notice themes, or people popping back into our radar who may have been absent for a long time, repeating patterns or issues coming up again.

These themes will be the things that we can work on in the Mercury Retrograde. If you like, a Mercury Retrograde is a great time to clear old stuff for one final time.

The first 2 weeks are the time to be a detective, to find out, root out and discover elements around your theme. The next two weeks are a great time to take actions related to the theme. The post-shadow 2 weeks are a final clearing up the loose ends.

On a Wellbeing Level?

The head is busy processing and our intuition is more attuned into our daily life. This can affect our wellbeing through:

  • Headaches, migraines or anxious feelings. – due to the processing and overwhelm of the task in hand
  • Feeling ungrounded, dizzy or off-kilter

Tools to Support You

  • Keep hydrated, this will help clear blocks, detox the body and keep the body and brain fully hydrated
  • Take a salt bath or foot bath – again to detox and ground the body
  • Do a grounding meditation, visualise roots, do some gardening or mindful exercises
  • Eat root vegetables or dark fruit/veg
  • Play or cuddle with animals as they are naturally grounded
  • Mindful activities involving nature (eg walking)

Advantages of the Mercury Retrograde

With the pre & post shadow a Mercury Retrograde affects earth for approximately 7 weeks and in 2018 we are having 3 of them! So that’s 21 weeks – nearly half a year – so unless you want to wipe out half a year with a negative swish of your hand you may want to find positives about a Mercury Retrograde.

  • A great time to connect to your intuition, it is stronger during a Mercury Retrograde. Practice on simple things like what to eat or drink and move onto bigger decisions
  • Communication is strong as well as your intuition so it is a perfect time to do more (or regular) journalling. To connect to yourself and guides
  • To get clarity on the bigger picture of something you ware looking to manifest in your life – perhaps a new job or new product/service if self-employed
  • Things or contracts created in the Mercury Retrograde tend to have more flexibility or be open to opportunity, that those created outside of the retrograde (clean, no-mess solutions)
  • Greater creativity – due to the communication, higher speed processing
  • A chance to review past events and people and take action to clear loose ends
  • Cord cutting of people, vows, events and actions


Useful words for the Mercury Retrograde are:

Research – Communication – Intuition – Flexibility


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