New Moon Energies – Manifesting Time!

The New Moon energy is a great time to create a vision board or set your desires for the month.

In a new Moon the moon is void and not visible, we have earth shine rather than moon shine!

Its the perfect time to set your intentions, plant your seeds and send rockets of desires to the universe! Let me share some of the things I do 

What do I do on a New Moon?

  • I light a candle and spend a few minutes meditating and noticing where my thoughts are going.
  • I do another release (following on from the full moon). This one may contain things that have come up in the 2 weeks since the full moon, things leftover from my previous new moon intentions (as things change). I will release these beliefs or thoughts or actions to the energy of the moon – usually out loud or written on toilet roll.
  • I then spend some time journalling around what I want to create in my life. Letting my thoughts and dreams flow, no matter how large or small or time involved.
  • Then I’ll write a letter to the new moon listing my desires in the present tense – as if I’m living it right now. Sometimes I’ll write my perfect day. Again I’ll read this out as there is something powerful about the sound of the voice and hearing the words.
  • I always do a mini meditation of a visualisation of the dreams I’m manifesting. This really helps to ground the thoughts, emotions and senses into my brain and mindset. The brain can’t recognise the difference between this kind of visualisation and real life, so it’s as if you are truly experiencing it – magical!
  • Sometimes I’ll use an abundance cheque (make sure you sign it from the universe and not with your name!) – you can get them here –
  • Express gratitude for the things I have in my life

The key for me is a positive heart space, open to possibilities, acceptance and  gratitude

What could the new moon manifesting energy help you with?