Surviving the Rest of Mercury Retrograde March/April 2018

Want to know how to survive some of the symptoms of Mercury Retrograde? This is a Q & A I did on my facebook page sharing information, tips and tools and asking FAQ around wellbeing and survival!

I’m a great advocate of being optimistic and ensuring that I benefit from the energies of the moment. So use this time to reflect on what issues are coming up for you, do some detective work around them and then take action to clear and release (more of this is a journalling blog coming in April).

Mercury went retrograde on 22nd March but for 2 weeks prior to this we were affected by its pre-shadow. It is due to end on 15th April with once again a 2 week post-shadow to tie up loose ends.

So if IT is going wrong, I suggest leaving updates until later in April!

Key pointers in a Mercury Retrograde:

  • Watch your communication (that it can’t be misinterpreted).
  • Allow others the benefit of the doubt if their communication to you is a little “off” or pushes your buttons
  • Double check travel arrangements and allow time for changes
  • It’s a bit late now but back up all IT (phone/laptop/cameras etc) and implement any updates¬†before a Retrograde!


Any other questions that haven’t been asked then please come along to the facebook group and share any thoughts or issues and I’ll see if I can support you there!



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