Virtual Women’s Circle – spiritual connection

Looking for a better connection?

A connection to your intuition, your guides, your angelic support team, to Source?
Most importantly to other like-minded women

New Videos and Meditations

Are you a woman who wants to develop your spiritual knowledge & be connected to a like-minded tribe of females?

Then this Women’s Circle is for you:

  • Each month we will have a theme to focus on; with a video full of wisdom and meditations recorded to play and use in your own time.
  • A safe space to interact and share ideas & thoughts.
  • Plus a book thread where we can share spiritual books, thoughts and comments.
  • The key is creating a sacred space to be you, to question, share and learn.

Joining the Virtual or Online Women’s Circle will give you flexibility and connection to develop your spiritual connection & understanding in a safe & sacred space

  • Get your dose of spiritual connection each month at a time to suit you
  • Mix in a secret, sacred space online – where you can speak your truths and share with like-minded women
  • Have a weekly card reading (usually on a Monday)
  • Access the weekly healing / meditation session
  • Access over an hour of video and content, PDFs and meditations around the theme
  • Access a bonus library of videos and meditations around subjects such as moon energies, protection of your energy and more!
  • Each month have a new theme to discover and experience
  • Find out the latest about the current moon cycle and planetary energy (retrogrades)
  • Get personal access to me for your spiritual/energy questions in the secret Facebook group – free of charge!
  • All for £10 a month (if you don’t love it you can leave at any time!)

If this feels like something for your spiritual journey then come and join the circle

Your Virtual WOmen’s Circle content


  • Themes that allow spiritual growth & confidence
  • A researched video of information on the monthly theme
  • Structured themes and practical/ hands-on work for you to practise in your own time
  • Video and printable PDF worksheets
  • Meditations to connect to your intuition, higher self, source and spiritual team and along the theme of the month
  • Meditations so you can access on your phone/ tablet/ /MP3 player/ laptop through the website
  • Weekly Card readings
  • Safe space to openly discuss the theme or anything on your spiritual journey
  • Support on your journey by a spiritually connected empath

FREE ACCESS to a spiritual Library of practical tools

PLUS FOR FREE you can access a library of core spiritual wisdom

  • Working with the moon’s energy
  • Chakras 101
  • Energies – cleansing, protecting and grounding
  • Law of Attraction
  • Auras
  • Angel Card Reading

monthly themes include

  • Energy healing, chakras & auras
  • Colour Therapy
  • Crystals
  • Working with guides
  • Connecting to Spirit, Guides and Angels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Energy Healing
  • Goddess (you and other deities!)
  • Journalling & gratitude work
  • Raising your Vibration – tools to support

What Our CustOmers say

I’ve been a member of Romella’s Women’s Group for a while and I love it. Romella guides you through different topics each month and provides you with resources (videos and downloadable pdf’s) to support your learning. She explains each topic clearly and is willing to answer any questions you may have. My favourite so far have been using crystals, aromatherapy and the guided meditations. It’s a great way to learn and the group is very supportive. Thank you


Wow Romella, thank you soooo much, you have given so much time, thank goodness there was only a small group last session. It’s really interesting what appears to keep coming up, and how the colours and cards interconnect….I know that the universe works in wonderful ways, and has lead me to your group, it’s all stepping stones to a more enlightened life. xx


Went to the woman’s retreat today. Lovely people & a fab session. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!


Why join the online Women’s Circle?

Choose Your PLAN

Virtual Circle



Secret & Sacred Facebook Group

Online content access through website

Access to a library of content (grounding, angels, moon energy, law of attraction….

Access to me as a spiritual mentor


Virtual & Shropshire circle



Secret & Sacred Facebook Group

Online content access through website

New Videos and Meditations each month

Access to a library of content (grounding, angels, moon energy, law of attraction….

Access to me as a spiritual mentor

Attend the Telford or Newport Circle in person (once a month 1st Weds or 3rd Fri 10am-12)


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