Hello and welcome to Space for Spirit,

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I’m Romella and I’ve been working with energy and angels for over 20 years. I became a Reiki master-teacher back in  2004 and now offer a wide range of energy modalities and holistic tools.

My joy and role is creating a space for women to make connections  – within themselves and also to other like-minded women, to find & develop their intuition and connection to angelic & spiritual team and to develop their own sacred spiritual connection on all energy levels.

My key words are – connection – spiritual growth  – sacred space

I hope you have found your connection & tribe here – come and join us

If you have any questions around your own connection or wanting to learn & experience more please contact me or email me

My facebook page is www.spaceforspirit.co.uk 

with love



I offer a few different freebies that you can access here so you can get to know me, my style and my energy:





    Birthday Offer -Find out what your personal year and life path is – plus angelcard reading

    I love finding out whats going on energywise for me through numerology – my lifepath number (a bit like your star sign) and which personal year I am in (from 1-9). Plus angel cards too!   So I’ve come up with a Clarity Birthday Bonanza Offer. all for just £20 – Angel message on your …

    Why Journal and How?

    Journalling has become quite mainstream beyond the holistic field. It is spoken about in mindfulness exercises, law of attraction and there are also health benefits. Clearing and releasing emotions, improving sleep patterns, giving clarity, reducing stress, problem solving,  feel more relaxed, improve communication and also physical benefits to regular writing habits. It  doesn’t have to …